Ultimate Impostrip® Automation

The Reference Solution for Superior Imposition Automation and XML Integration

Designed with productivity in mind, Ultimate Impostrip® Automation optimizes every
aspect of your prepress imposition workflow with tools that are easy-to-use yet
extremely versatile. In very little time, you can set up a link to your MIS, your online
photo editing system or web ordering system. Perfect for very short turnaround delivery
on marketing campaigns, transactional and short run of books.

• Easy connectivity to upstream system
Connects to MIS and web2print systems to capture job intent from job order and
proceed with an imposition flow directly to the press.

• AutoFlow: Ganging Automation
Groups various orders of different sizes and quantities, and optimizes the imposition
layout for the press, automatically.

• Dynamic Barcodes
Generates dynamic barcodes for finishing devices, automating the selection of finishing
profiles and triggering actions on the finisher.

• Intelligent Imposition Agent – New!
Automatically selects the best layout for your job based on all templates, a set of
templates or no template at all.

• Banner Profiles
Automatic insertion of configurable banner sheets and banner pages with variable
content and barcodes

• Web-press imposition
Extensive options for web imposition to draw the most of high-speed presses with
optimization schemes and inserting all marks needed for inline finishing including web
sectioning reducing blank padding and grouping various jobs for web width optimization.

• And more.